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Division of Curriculum and Instructional Services at the Los Angeles County Office of Education
Verification Process for Special Settings powered by CDOL

District Registration

Districts Who Are Paying for the Training


If you are a teacher, and your district is paying for you to enroll in a VPSS Online course, you need to:

  1. Notify your District’s HR Liaison to let them know that you want to enroll in a VPSS Course. Have them come to this website and follow the instructions below.
  2. As a teacher, you do not need to do anything else. Once we receive a Letter of Commitment and P.O. from your District, we will automatically enroll you in the VPSS course(s).
  3. Approximately 1 week before your course begins, we will email you a Welcome Letter and instructions for logging into your course.
  4. Contact with questions or concerns:
    phone: 562-922-8852
District Personnel...

If you are a District Liaison and and are paying for teachers from your district to attend VPSS online courses, you need to follow the instructions below:

Determine the Training Needs of Your Teachers

If you are paying for your district's teachers to take the VPSS course(s), you will need to work with your District Human Resources Representative to determine each teacher's eligibility for VPSS and to determine which VPSS course(s) each teacher needs to complete.

Who is eligible for VPSS training?
VPSS is designed for teachers who teach two or more core academic subjects in special settings such as the following:
  • Secondary Special Education Settings
  • Secondary Alternative Programs
  • Secondary Small Rural School Achievement (SRSA) programs
  • Independent Study

Teachers with more than 10 upper division units or more than 20 English units (upper or lower division) need only complete Tier II to be certified as “highly qualified.” To determine your eligibility for the VPSS and to determine whether you need both Tier I and Tier II, please see your district Human Resources Representative.

No-Refund Policy

Once a District submits a Letter of Commitment and Purchase Order with the lists of names, there will be no refunds. If a participant cancels or drops out, prior to the start date of the course, the district may submit a replacement name during the first week of the course to fill the empty seat. The district must notify the VPSS Registrar (see below) with the replacement name, email and phone number.

VPSS Registrar: 562-922-8852

Letter of Commitment and Purchase Order

The tuition fee for each VPSS online course is $400.00 per teacher.

  1. Download and complete the Letter of Commitment
  2. Make a Purchase Order in the amount of $400.00 per teacher, payable to: LACOE
  3. Mail Letter of Commitment and Purchase Order to:

    Los Angeles County Office of Education
    CDOL / VPSS Online
    9300 Imperial Highway – Room EC 250
    Downey, CA 90242-2890
    Attn: VPSS Registrar